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QwestOffice Links:

1. SiteControl login area (sitecontrol-sp.qwestoffice.net): Manage your new email or hosting account, including changing passwords and creating new email addresses.

2. Webmail login area (webmail.centurylinkoffice.net): Access your email account from anywhere in the world.

3. Screenshot tutorials on email client configuration (Outlook Express, Outlook, etc).

4. Animated Flash tutorials for setting up your email client (pull down the 'Learn More' drop-down menu at the Qwest Hosting Help page).

5. Help getting started with FTP.

6. FAQs for SiteBuilder.

7. Help with Vanity Domains and Registrar Domain Transfers.

8. FAQs for Vanity Domain Name Servers, including Whois lookup instructions.

9. Qwest Advanced WebHosting phone and email support contact info:

Technical Support phone number (24 hours): 866-881-3689
Technical Support email address: support@qwestoffice.com

Billing Support phone number (Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm Central): 866-881-3690
Billing Support email address: billing@qwestoffice.com