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Vanity Domain Name Server FAQ:

Q: What are Name Servers?
A: They generally come in pairs (usually a primary and a secondary). They are the pointers -- for any Domain Name Registration in the world, registered with any Registrar -- that dictate which hosting company is handling the web space and email for that Vanity Domain.

Qwestoffice.net Name Servers:

         Primary: a.dns.qwestoffice.com
         Secondary: b.dns.qwestoffice.com

Q: Why would I need to change my Name Servers?
A: If you are moving the web hosting from one provider to another, or if my Qwest.net Vanity Domain account has been upgraded to a new Qwestoffice.net hosting plan.

Q: Where can I see my current Name Server and Domain Name Registration contact and ownership information?
A: A domain name Whois lookup will tell you what you need to know. You can perform a Whois from:


Q: How do I change my Name Servers?
A: You would need to contact the current Registrar for your Domain Name Registration. You can find the Registrar information from the Whois lookup of your Vanity Domain.

Here are some common Registrars and their Technical Support phone numbers:

         MelbourneIT / Yahoo: +61-3-8624-2300 (from North America, dial 011-61-3-8624-2300)
         Network Solutions: 866-907-2509
         Register.com: 877-796-8264
         GoDaddy: 480-505-8877
         DomainPeople: 877-831-2562